Final Review Petition Results Remain Insufficient

After this additional review, the petition results remain insufficient. The updated results issued by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters, reports 2,294 valid signatures for Huntington and 2,310 valid signatures for Lombardo. Each petition needed 2,461 valid signatures to qualify for a recall election.



The No on Yucca Valley Recall Committee is a group of concerned citizens opposed to the destruction, manipulation, and defamation of our elected officials through a recall effort. The committee is dedicated to educating and informing our community on the guidelines, process, expense, and ramifications of a recall effort and to disclose any false propaganda provided by recall proponents.

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What Can You Do?


1. Know the Facts

2. Do NOT sign recall petitions

3. Endorse the NO recall effort

4. Donate to the No Recall effort

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